No Food Coop For You

I was back at Melbourne Uni today, working on some nerdery. Once again I faced the challenge of a plastic-free meal. I tripped lightly up the stairs, past the wom*n’s room, dreaming of a falafel sandwich from the Food Coop. Sadly, no. Food Coop has gone dark (possibly for semester break, I dunno). Sad times.

I contented myself with sushi and coffee from Plush Fish. Refusing the chopsticks in plastic wrap was easy. Who eats California rolls with chopsticks anyway? To my delight, I found soy sauce bottles at each table. The waiter offered me ginger slices from a plate next to the counter. But the real reason I chose Plush: they are the only food outlet in all of Union House that serves coffee in reusable cups. Given the caffeine intake of the student population, that’s a little scary.


  • A notebook

Being the kind of person who never plans anything, I didn’t have my computer so I fell back on the old pen and paper method. I scrounged around in my bag and found a pencil, but no paper in sight. Luckily for me, the mini-mart at Union House stocks notebooks. There they were, shoved unceremoniously onto the bottom shelf of the stationery aisle without any plastic wrap to protect them. Perfect!

  • Four o’clock munchies

In a throwback to the 90s, I settled on a yo-yo biscuit and a bottle of Bundaberg ginger beer with stealth plastic inside the metal lid.

Total plastic consumed: one stupid plastic seal inside a metal lid. Damn it.


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