Indoor picnic spots in Melbourne

Hi there! I drafted this post a while ago when the weather in Melbourne was bad. Now the sun’s come out, you might find you need an air-conditioned picnic on those 40 degree days.

OK, so here’s what I’ve been thinking. Let’s say you’re in the CBD and it’s raining. You’ve packed a delicious lunch. What do you do now? You could bust out your waterproof pants and parka while water droplets soak into your sandwich. Or, if you’re me, you could go to a café and buy a coffee for $4 (right now that’s half my fruit and veg budget for the week.) After the coffee, maybe you’re still feeling hungry. Should you stay at the cafe, eating into your ‘rainy day’ money, literally, or should you move on in the bad weather?

Your bank account tells you splashing the cash on solo dining might not be the smartest move. But it’s still raining. Where can you eat your sandwich?

Well, since you asked, I made you this map. These are under-cover places where, with a bit of luck, you can hide out and eat your lunch in peace.  


Now, some food courts are fancy and they might not take kindly to indoor picnics, but I reckon I’ve found a few where you can get away with nomming on a packed lunch and maybe even breaking out the old thermos. These are all pretty casual venues so I don’t think you’d get any sideways glances unless you spread out a full picnic rug and start popping champagne. Let me invite you to an indoor picnic. Give it a try.