Lazy Honey and Ginger Tea


Today I’m fighting a nasty cold. It’s not something I’d usually go to the doctor for (not unless it gets bad anyway). But I might normally pop a few cold and flu tablets and rely on caffeine to keep me awake and get me through the day.

This time, I decided to look up a few more traditional cold and flu remedies. I found a “recipe” that even the most cold-addled person can prepare in two minutes – another advantage: no plastic!

  • Crawl out of bed (definitely the hardest part)
  • Boil the kettle
  • Roughly chop some Fresh ginger (about half the size of your pinky finger). You can eat the peel, or save it and make it into broth.
  • Put the ginger in a mug with the boiling water.
  • Add a teaspoon of honey.

VoilĂ , honey and ginger tea! Drink it while it’s hot and you can eat the ginger pieces at the end if you like. I did. It’s making me feel much better (temporarily at least).

Disclaimer: I’m not sure honey and ginger does anything medically, but staying hydrated is definitely important when you have a cold. I can’t taste anything at the moment. It just tastes tingly (from the ginger) and soothing (from the honey and steam).