Plastic-free milk? (Week 2)

bottle-841433_1920This week, I finally made it to La Latteria in Carlton. I parked my cyclocross bike out the front and stepped blithely over the threshold, red Ortlieb pannier in hand, ready to buy milk in returnable glass bottles.


As I rocked up to the fridge, full of optimism, I found all the glass bottles were gone. In their place was a sign in shaky capital letters that simply read: ‘milk in glass bottles – no returns’.

So I left. I just turned around and got the hell out of there. I laughed at myself for thinking I lived in a magical land where people would sterilise and re-use milk bottles.

The other person (the one I live with) and I put our heads together to see if we could figure out a solution but it was really tough. We even toyed with powdered milk which you can buy in tins. But the version we found turned out to have a plastic lid anyway. Until someone starts selling milk powder from bulk bins, or milk in returnable glass bottles, it seems reasonable to continue buying recyclable plastic. And I will continue to be sad.

Plastic: 1; Grapefruit: 0