Week 3 – An Amazing Transformation Occurs

What’s this? One minute I’m chucking vegetable scraps in the freezer to save ‘just in case’. Next minute, wait? Is that? Vegetable stock from scratch? Hello.


I totally mashed the edges of the photo. That is how much I can be bothered with life. And I still made vegetable stock.

This is the easiest, laziest thing to do on a Saturday afternoon when you can’t be arsed leaving the house.

  • Roughly chop some onion, carrot and garlic (& maybe celery if you have it – I didn’t)
  • Fry them in a big pot for a few minutes
  • Add a lot of water
  • Throw in some herbs like bay leaf, parsley and thyme (no need to chop)
  • Add your veggie scraps from the freezer if you have them
  • Cook for ages

I have never done this before.

The thyme in the stock is the same bunch I used a few weeks ago in my easy bean recipe. It keeps for ages in a glass of water, or even just in a dry glass on the windowsill.

I think Plastic Free July might be working some crazy magic on me. I actually enjoyed making the stock (for all five minutes of “active” making). I even went on to make potato and leek soup and vegetable curry. And I cleaned the kitchen. Something is very wrong with this picture.

This is tidy, by the way

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